ECEEN户外皮肤包男女轻便双肩背包折叠压缩随身徒步登山包3950.com威尼斯官方情侣便携收纳防水旅行包 (ECE-635Grey),ECEEN户外皮肤包,男女轻便双肩背包,压缩随身徒步登山包,3950.com威尼斯官方情侣便携收纳防水旅行包,3950.com威尼斯官方皮肤包,深圳市亿声创想电子有限公司
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      20% Off items (Nov. 2015 Only)
      电话: 0755-23461575
      QQ: 314969310/3416119692
      诚信通: solarbackpack
      地址:  深圳市龙岗区龙岗街道新生社区坪西南路29号B栋3楼 
      邮编: 518116
      ECEEN户外皮肤包男女轻便双肩背包折叠压缩随身徒步登山包3950.com威尼斯官方情侣便携收纳防水旅行包 (ECE-635Grey)
      产品编号: ECE-635Grey
      产品名称: 3950.com威尼斯官方折叠包
      太阳板效率: 22%
      3950.com威尼斯官方板规格: 3950.com威尼斯官方板规格
      产品尺寸: 19 x 13 x 8.2 inches
      产品重量: 1.1 pounds
      电池规格: 2,000mAh
      浏览次数: 1812


      袋子打开尺寸:49* 24 *16.5厘米
      电池:2000 mAh或5000毫安
      3950.com威尼斯官方充电器折叠尺寸:9 *15.5厘米
      3950.com威尼斯官方充电器打开尺寸:23 *15.5厘米

      ECEEN, Share the Sun! 
      About the Product
      • THE PERFECT UNDER-SEAT FLIGHT CARRY-ON - The ECEEN® solar powered daypack is an ideal small hiking or travel daypack, or for biking. The perfect size for use as an under seat bag for essentials during your flight. Take it to work for use on your lunch break or whilst getting to/from work. It folds up into a compact carry pouch that will take little room or weight in your main backpack, handbag or briefcase.
      • Ultra-Light. Ultra-Durable. Ultra-Awesome - The backpack is perfect for day-to-day use or occasional travel, and great gift for everyone. It's made from highly rip and water resistant fabric, provide strengthen and long-lasting performance with minimal weight. Stress points are reinforced with bar tacking for increased longevity.
      • REMOVABLE & FOLDABLE SOLAR CHARGER - 3.5Watts foldable solar panel removable from main packs, 22% high efficiency transfer solar cells in a protective anti scratch hardened coating sewn into high-wear PVC fabric for weather-resistant outdoor durability.
      • CHARGE A VARIETY OF DEVICES EVEN AT NIGHT- Built-in 2,000mAh slim and waterproof Li-Polymer Battery pack charge for Iphone, Samsung, other smart phones, External Battery Packs, GPS systems, MP3 Players, Bluetooth Speakers and more even at night!
      • PACKAGE CONTENTS - ECEEN® Solar Powered Daypack, 3PCS Carabiners, 1PC* USB to DC and Micro USB cable and 1PC* User manual.
      ECEEN® Solar Backpack captures more sunlight than conventional solar panels, which means it generate more electricity per panel. 
      Besides, it can store energy for use in the night. You don't need to worry your devices run off power, no matter days or nights. Just enjoy the greatest happiness during your travel. 
      Removable and compact size solar panel charger design for portability, just hang it on backpack when outdoors. 

      Backpack smartly combined with solar energy to charge on the go. 
      Simultaneously, you can have enough space to restore other accessories like pad, books, gadgets, keys; ideal for hiking, travelling and outdoor activities. 
      With a stylish look, this packable go-anywhere pack is for super-minimalists who make every gram count. Ultra-light. Ultra-durable. Ultra-awesome. The backpack is perfect for day-to-day use or occasional travel. Adjustable breathable straps make it easy and comfortable to carry for all day use. 

      Folds into zippered inner pocket to fit anywhere. Unfolds from pocket to backpack. Must have on every trip. 

      LIGHTWEIGHT(1.06 Pounds) and ROOMY(33 Liters) 
      A true space saver. Stuff the bag into its own pocket for storage---no extra fees, and unzip it when you reach your destination. Avoid overweight charges, simply unfold from your luggage and use it as a carry on for your excess baggage. 

      Dimensions: Unfold: 19x13x8.2 inches, Fold: 7.49x7.50x3.0 inches. 

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